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Grahame Booth

Grahame tutored our 10 day painting course in Udaipur, India in 2017 which was a great success and enjoyed by all students.

About the artist:

Grahame Booth was born in 1955 and lives and works in Belfast.
He paints only in watercolour and his success in the medium is reflected in the many awards he has won, the most recent being at the 2013 Art in the Open Wexford International Painting Festival.

With no prior experience Grahame started to paint in his early 30s and the fact that he clearly remembers the problems and frustrations of learning the medium helps to make him a particularly sympathetic tutor, eager to pass on lessons and techniques proven to ease the way.

His website is a great resource for the watercolour painter and his You Tube painting channel has well over 15,000 subscribers.

He is a past president of the Ulster Watercolour Society and has contributed many published articles to painting magazines and books in the UK.

Grahame has twenty years experience of teaching watercolour and he sees his course at Arte Umbria as the perfect opportunity to develop and hone the skills needed for enjoyable and successful plein air painting. It is his intention that you will leave us inspired with new knowledge to help you better understand this elusive medium.

Find out more about Grahame on his website click on the link below to see more:


I had a wonderful experience in September when I attended a plein air watercolor workshop by Grahame Booth. So many events and experiences made this exceptional for me. Grahame himself is a most dynamic man who is absolutely full of his enthusiasm and love for watercolor painting. It is somehow quite magical in the way that he can look at your painting and cut right to the chase and offer guidance on improving your work. The absolutely wonderful thing about it is, that his advice stays with you. You have learned it for life.
He is a master artist in his own right and an excellent teacher as well. His demonstrations, patience and encouragement are second to none. I have personally found demonstrations dull and boring and like watching grass grow. Not with Grahame. His lively commentary takes you along with him as he progresses through his painting describing his thoughts and reactions to his work as he paints. If things are not working out he will explain how he handles it.
He sometimes goes to work on another area and comes back to his problem area later with a fresh eye and ties it all together. What he has taught me.....aerial perspective, the clarity of his quick observations have helped me to understand and paint the feeling of distance, he has greatly improved my vision of what I see and how to portray it. Fewer brush stokes to preserve freshness, transparency, brilliance and getting rid of muddy results. Moving features that I see, and improve my compositions, a vastly better feeling of values and their all important role in holding my paintings together.
The value of daily use of my sketchbook was very strongly emphasized. Plus all around encouragement and support that makes you feel darned good about yourself, and your painting.
All in one week, just think of what he could do in two weeks! He is ubiquitous, always there when you need him, and very positive about the students' abilities to paint better paintings and, above all, encouraging them.
His critiques at the end of the day are so helpful because you can learn from the other artists' work in a most friendly environment. Whether one is an absolute beginner, intermediate or advanced, his teaching will get you moving in the right direction sooner, and avoid so many of the pitfalls.
He will get you painting more to your own satisfaction. Grahame…. teaches you to see what you want to paint, and he teaches you to paint what you want to see. Don Read, California

Grahame Booth

A selection of Grahame's work:

Here are a small selection of Grahame's paintings please click on any picture to see a larger image.