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Illuminated Manuscript with Claudia Tulifero, in Brittany, France

20 - 27 November 2021

Come and join the Dame of Thrones and learn the art of medieval Illuminated Manuscript in medieval Normandy, France!

This course is booking a year in advance due to the popularity of the tutor, the theme, the art AND the gorgeous hotel which sells out quick!


The Dame of Thrones will be accompanied by Checco Drogo!

THE Perfect Christmas gift for 2017 for a fan who is going to be missing the series this time next year. We are always happy to provide vouchers to purchase as a gift.

Winter is here for 2017. Well we knew it was coming they’ve been telling us for long enough in Westeros. Too late for this year, but winter will be coming again in 2018. How does a week studying the medieval skill of Illuminated Manuscripts sound at the end of November 2018 in medieval Normandy, the Calvados region in France? Indulge yourself and create your own world of game of thrones. There will be an element of fun but also the serious side of learning this art dating back hundreds of years.

This is a must for fans and lovers of Game of Thrones, Medieval art and craft and Epicureans. The food is gourmand, gastronomique and fabulous!

Perfect for your company Christmas party. You can even dress up for dinner in medieval costume. Claudia even has the long hair, it’s just not white. There will be fabulous food and revelry and you will produce some beautiful artwork.

An exciting opportunity to study the original medieval technique of Manuscript Illumination and Miniatures led by the wonderful Claudia Tulifero - fluent in English, French and Italian. Her courses with us have gained incredible popularity now people realise the skill they can learn and the integrity of the teaching and art, guests have produced some superb work and this course will fill very quickly. Mix with like minded people who appreciate art, skill and also divine food and wine, learn a new wonderful technique in the original, traditional, authentic style AND fill your car up with French goodies that only Normandy can offer.

Suitable for 18 years or over, with no previous experience. Impress your friends with your new skill!

Make your own personalised piece of art in true medieval style for yourself, or for a very special Christmas or Birthday gift for a loved one or friend.

With the final season of one of the most popular television series ever, in the summer of next year, what better way to relive your memories of Game of Thrones and discuss with friends.

It will be a truly amazing week and Claudia is a real 'Maestra' of her craft. The intricacy of the work and the sumptuous materials are wonderful. Prepare the parchment, grind up your paints from real pigments made from sought after precious metals and stones - it is like being in the library from 'The Name of the Rose' by Umberto Eco or The Citadel, the headquarters of the Order of Maesters, no Samwell sadly, as he's upped and made his escape. You have to concentrate and focus on your technique and it becomes like meditation and is very calming. Claudia is commissioned by the Getty Museum to produce original beautiful authentic artworks for sale. You won’t be copying you will be creating your own little pieces of magic.

Delight in working with precious metals such as gold, silver, lapis lazuli and learn these authentic mediaeval skills.

During the course participants will learn how to:

  • Choose their design and drawing
  • prepare the parchment
  • realise the basic design and transfer it to the parchment
  • prepare the “pastiglia” for the gilding relief
  • gilding the letter with water gilding on bole with genuine gold leaf
  • prepare the “tempera” with pure pigments, precious metal such as lapis lazuli, egg and natural varnish

All materials provided

All the necessary materials, including gold, precious metals, pigments, vellum and brushes will be provided and included in the price. The only thing you need to bring is a magnifying glass or goggles to suit your eyesight.

Choose to illustrate and illuminate your Initials, or channel your inner Westeros moment and design your own House crest, even a dragon or a Valerian sword! We have 'Game of Bones - House Pomeranian'!

Beautiful, charming Breton accommodation

Staying at a beautiful luxury boutique family run old hotel dating back to the XIII and XV centuries with a marvellous restaurant and chef, keeping cosy with log fires, working indoors with gorgeous French food and wine and cheese. T

Prices are based on a traditional double, en-suite room. This charming residence books months in advance so early booking is advised. If you would like a Superior room or a Suite there will be a supplement. Please contact us for further details.

Le Mont St Michel Photo By Mathias Neveling - Own work,

Perfect for partners

Perfect for partners to go off and do pre-Christmas shopping for wine and fromage, organic vintage Calvados, all the epicurean treats that Normandy has to offer. Optional trips can be arranged for a Calvados or Cider tasting trip, see how they are made, or a Cheese tasting trip for the fromage lovers (Turophile), or on one of the amazing tours of the Normandy beaches and moving WWII memorials and/or Mont St Michel.

Including a trip out to see the Bayeux tapestry, which has been wonderfully recreated in Ireland as an homage to Game of Thrones, a lot of footage is filmed in Ireland. The Irish Game of Thrones tapestry

About Claudia

Born in Cagliari in 1972, Claudia has lived in Florence (Firenze) since 1993 where she moved to study restoration of art works. Claudia is fluent in English, French and of course Italian.

She graduated at the International University of Art in Florence in restoration of paintings on canvas, miniatures, frescoes and wood and wooden sculptures. With her incredible skill and talent she is very sought after and for more than 20 years she has been working with the restoration of wooden sculptures, paintings, gilding and frescoes on protected heritage projects in Italy and France.

At her atelier Artemisia Restoration in Florence she produces copies and creations of art with the original ancient techniques. Some of these copies are on display in the United States the Découvert Fine Art Gallery in Rockport.

Since 2012 Claudia has been collaborating with the Getty Museum in Los Angeles making bespoke copies and commissions of illuminations on parchment.

 Claudia Tulifero 

Illuminated Manuscript with Claudia Tulifero

Course dates: November 20 - 27 2020

Venue: Normandy, Brittany, France

Course Price: £2600
Price inclusive of bed, breakfast, all gourmet dinners, tutoring and materials including gold, jewels and semi precious stones and specialist equipment

Non-Participating Partners

Non-participating partners are welcome if sharing a room with their partner or friend, for an amazing price of £1310 and can take advantage of all that Normandy can offer, AND stock up on goodies, or do the 'booze cruise' early for Christmas whilst their partner is 'illuminating'!

Perfect for couples

Single Person Supplement £600


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Gallery of Photos

Here are just some ideas of what you can produce during the week here in Normandy. Please click on any thumbnail image to see a larger picture.