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Illuminated Manuscripts

An exciting opportunity to study the original medieval technique of Manuscript Illumination and Miniatures led by the wonderful Claudia Tulifero.

Delight in working with precious metals such as gold, silver lapis lazuli and learn these mediaeval skills.

All the necessary materials, including gold, precious metals, pigments, vellum and brushes will be provided.

It is recommended you bring a Magnifying glass.

There may be an opportunity to learn basic fresco preparation time if time permits.

Please check out Claudia Tulifero, our expert from Florence. She is a true 'Maestra'! You will find more details about her and the course click on the button below:

 Claudia Tulifero 

Course Illumination on Parchment

What this course will offer.

This course intends to teach and present the ancient technique of illumination.

During the course participants will learn how to:

  • prepare the parchment
  • realise the basic design and transfer it to the parchment
  • prepare the “pastiglia” for the gilding relief
  • gilding the letter with water gilding on bole with genuine gold leaf
  • prepare the “tempera” with pure pigments, precious metal such as lapis lazuli, egg and natural varnish