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Relax and unwind on our painting courses in UmbriaListed below are our course dates and prices for 2017 and upcoming dates for 2018  with Arte Umbria and Painting in Europe.

New courses for 2017 & 2018, Painting in Europe & other exotic locations

Four new thrilling additional courses where we are collaborating with Painting in Europe, a week long Master Class with Tim Wilmot in Venice  a seven day course in Bruges Painting and Art History with Adele Wagstaff, a special Christmas in Prague Master Class with Kelly Medford and a ten day course Painting in India with Grahame Booth. New for 2018, painting in the foothills of the Himalayas with Belinda Biggs and Udiapur, India with Roger Dellar

Painting in Europe Courses for 2017 & 2018

We also have some exciting painting courses in 2017 visiting both Morroco and Spain in addition to our courses in Italy . Check out these pages for more details and information:
Granada with Grahame Booth
Barcelona with Paul Alcock
Venice with Tim Wilmot
Bruges with Adele Wagstaff
Prague with Kelly Medford
India with Grahame Booth

Courses in 2018

Watch this space for upcoming courses for 2018:

Marrakesh in 2018 with Kelly Medford,
Himalayas in 2018
with Belinda Biggs
India in 2018 with Roger Dellar


See our  NEW website for more details about these courses and how to book.

All courses run for one week, unless stated otherwise, seven nights with five and a half days tutoring, including optional tours.

Accommodation for courses at Arte Umbria Italy.

We will allocate rooms on the basis of the nature of the bookings made, but, with lots of space (10 bedrooms) couples, singles and friends can easily be accommodated with ample space for privacy and contemplation if required.

Individual rooms can be reserved.

Not all of the rooms are en-suite. It is possible to reserve an ensuite, or apartment with tea and coffee making facilities for an extra charge, but these have to be allocated on a first come first served basis.

DRS:  Private DRS (Private Double bedroom with shared bathroom).
AES:  Double bedroom en-suite apartment with tea and coffee facilities

Non Painting Partners
Non participating partners are welcome if sharing a room with partner at Tenuta di Poggiolame, for the amazing price of £750 for all courses.  Still no single room supplement.

Booking form

All our courses are priced and charged in Great British Pounds Sterling.
Click here to download a booking form for all of our 2017 and 2018 courses.

Courses for 2017 in Italy at Tenuta di Poggiolame

Date Tutor Course DRS AES
7 June Introduction to Drawing, Watercolour and Oil Painting £985 £1085
14 June Belinda Biggs Flora and Fauna and Landscapes Watercolour £1085 £1185
21 June Kelly Medford Landscape Oil and Watercolour £1285 £1385
28 June Sue Moorcroft Creative Writing £1085 £1185
5 July Sue Moorcroft Writing Retreat £750 £850
12 July Liz Chaderton Liberating Watercolour Flora and Fauna £1085 £1185
19 July Caroline Bays Portrait and Landscape all media £1085 £1185
26 July Simon Keeley Stonecarving Course Full
2 Aug Simon Keeley Stonecarving £1100 £1200
7 Sept Claudia Tulifero Illuminated Manuscripts and Miniatures £1100 £1200

Painting in Marrakesh, Granada, Barcelona, Venice, India & Bruges in 2017

20 May Grahame Booth Granada - "Fall under the spell of Granada"
6 days of painting and a seven night stay with visits to museums
31 May Paul Alcock Barcelona  -  "Beguiling Barcelona"
6 days of painting and a seven night stay
27 Sept Tim Wilmot Venice - Master Class in Watercolour - 
a thrilling addition to our Arte Umbria courses
21 Oct Adele Wagstaff Bruges - Painting and Art History - All mediums
A seven night course with a trip to Ghent and Brussels
25 Oct Grahame Booth India - Udaipur, Rajasthan - Watercolours £2795
29 Nov Kelly Medford Prague at Christmas - Master Class in Watercolour
a thrilling addition to our Arte Umbria courses

New Courses for 2018 in Italy at Tenuta di Poggiolame

Watch this space....more dates to follow!
27 June Sue Moorcroft Writing Retreat £750 £850
4 July Sue Moorcroft Writing Retreat £750 £850
11 July Paul O'Kane ‘Plein Air’ All mediums £1085 £1185
25 July Simon Keeley Stonecarving £1150 £1250
1 Aug Neal Winfield Stained Glass £1100 £1200

Painting in Europe and other exotic locations in 2018

6 March Belinda Biggs
Kelly Medford
Painting in the foothills of the Himalayas
10 days of painting Flora, Fauna and Landscape.
21 April Kelly Medford Marrakesh  -"Vibrant watercolours"
A Seven night course, beginners to experienced artists welcomed
30 Oct Roger Dellar Painting trip to Udaipur, India
10 days watercolour, oils and acrylic

Painting Holidays in Italy

BOOKING NOW FOR 2017 & 2018

Inspirational painting, drawing, stone carving/sculpture, stained glass, print making and creative writing courses in Europe and other exotic locations in 2017 & 2018, visit Italy, Spain, Venice, Prague, Morocco, Bruges, India and the Himalayas.

  • Master Classes and Painting Classes in Italy with Grahame Booth, Kelly Medford, Caroline Bays, Adele Wagstaff, Tim Wilmot, Paul Alcock, Belinda Biggs, Liz Chaderton, Roger Dellar, Paul O'Kane & Neal Winfield
  • Creative Writing course with Sue Moorcroft.
  • Stone Carving courses with Simon Keeley.
  • Workshop in Illuminated Manuscripts and Miniatures, with Claudia Tulifero.
  • Stained Glass course, with Neal Winfield.
  • Price includes tuition, art materials (if the course is at our home in Umbria), complimentary accommodation, food, wine and refreshments.

All inclusive from £985

BOOKING NOW For 2017 & 2018!

See our sister site Painting in Europe and other exotic locations with Arte Umbria.

  • Painting in Venice. Masterclass in Watercolour with Tim Wilmot.
  • Painting in Bruges. Painting and Art History with Adele Wagstaff.
  • Prague at Christmas. Masterclass in Watercolour with Kelly Medford.
  • Painting in India, with Grahame Booth.
  • Painting in Marrakesh, with Kelly Medford.
  • Painting in Granada, with Grahame Booth.
  • Painting in Barcelona, with Paul Alcock.
  • Painting in the Himalayas, with Belinda Biggs.
  • Painting in India, with Roger Dellar.



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