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Here at Arte Umbria we have our own pets (dogs, cats and birds) and on our estate of 225 acres you will discover a wide range of flora and fauna.

All around the house is a superb landscape, thick with forest and woodland - pine and cypress, olive groves, walnut and fruit trees - rich with lavender and other perfumed flowers and wild flowers in abundance. The humming of the Bees over the blue flowers, whilst gathering nectar is a delight.

Green hills and mountains stretch as far as the eye can see. In the distance hamlets, medieval castles and towers peek through early morning mists, when wild boar and deer can be seen foraging.

We have nesting Honey Buzzards on our drive who return each year to fledge their young, and Hoopoes frequent our terrace with the Swallows in summer. Bea Eaters have been seen with their vibrant feathers and colourful Jays are all about.

In June and July the evenings are filled with Fireflies lighting up the terrace.

You can guarantee you will hear the Porcupine chattering in the evenings and on hot days hear the Boar snoring in the forest. Nothing to fear, they stay well away from humans and you have to get up very early or be in your hide at dusk, and be very quiet to see them.

There are so many Butterflies that we are still to identify them, all in a myriad of colours.

In amongst the forest on our estate are many streams with mini cascades to discover. We have marked several trails out for our guests, which cross these streams and you can discover the nature trails made by wild boar, deer, porcupine and other wildlife.


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Painting Holidays in Italy

BOOKING NOW FOR 2017 & 2018

Inspirational painting, drawing, stone carving/sculpture, stained glass, print making and creative writing courses in Europe and other exotic locations in 2017 & 2018, visit Italy, Spain, Venice, Prague, Morocco, Bruges, India and the Himalayas.

  • Master Classes and Painting Classes in Italy with Grahame Booth, Kelly Medford, Caroline Bays, Adele Wagstaff, Tim Wilmot, Paul Alcock, Belinda Biggs, Liz Chaderton, Roger Dellar, Paul O'Kane & Neal Winfield
  • Creative Writing course with Sue Moorcroft.
  • Stone Carving courses with Simon Keeley.
  • Workshop in Illuminated Manuscripts and Miniatures, with Claudia Tulifero.
  • Stained Glass course, with Neal Winfield.
  • Price includes tuition, art materials (if the course is at our home in Umbria), complimentary accommodation, food, wine and refreshments.

All inclusive from £985

BOOKING NOW For 2017 & 2018!

See our sister site Painting in Europe and other exotic locations with Arte Umbria.

  • Painting in Venice. Masterclass in Watercolour with Tim Wilmot.
  • Painting in Bruges. Painting and Art History with Adele Wagstaff.
  • Prague at Christmas. Masterclass in Watercolour with Kelly Medford.
  • Painting in India, with Grahame Booth.
  • Painting in Marrakesh, with Kelly Medford.
  • Painting in Granada, with Grahame Booth.
  • Painting in Barcelona, with Paul Alcock.
  • Painting in the Himalayas, with Belinda Biggs.
  • Painting in India, with Roger Dellar.



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